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When things are not going well in your life or relationships you may be feeling discouraged, angry, sad or hopeless. Deciding to ask for help can be the hardest step. Tidal Grace (Masters. Honours in Counselling Psychology, Registered Clinical Counsellor, BDP) offers a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential environment in which you can explore your difficulties and find a way through the circumstances that trouble you. 

Using Creative Process Therapy (a modality of therapy that blends Gestalt and Schema therapy with meditational practices), Tidal helps clients explore many issues including: depression, anxiety, relationship and marriage issues (specialist in infidelity)Depersonalization (DP), Derealization (DR),  and panic attacks, PTSD and trauma, addiction, rape and sexual assault, childhood abuse, work-related issues, working through grief and loss as well as enhancing self-esteem. 

Although, counselling is often referred to as “the talking cure,” it is often helpful to go beyond this modality into sensory-body perceptions, enactments, and other forms of creative expression that involve the body and the emotions to gain a deeper understanding and release potentials. Creative Process Therapy involves talking, doing and being. In the end, simply the experience of being truly listened to, together with being able to put into words what is troubling you, can in itself give relief and be healing. 

Whatever modality you are comfortable with in our collaborative work together, we will first work towards defining your therapeutic goals to give our sessions direction. Some clients may want to transcend hurdles from their past, while some may want to attend to present concerns and/or crises; some want to create more happiness, and some may want to determine a vision of their future. What goal will you have for our sessions? That, we can discover out together.

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